Bird Box cameras LIVE (updates every few seconds)
These are views from above.
note - sometimes they fail to load, please be patient
The pictures are black and white as the camera works under infra red light.


Spring 2018

6th April 2018 - nest building in ernest in side box, and maybe in rear box as well
even saw two great tits investigating the parroqueet box at the far end of the garden.

Winter 2017/2018 - all box boxes occupied at night, tits in the 3 tit boxes, and usually between 3 and 5 wrens in the open fronted box

2017 - no nests at all

Summer 2017 - bees took over the open fronted box.

Feb 2015 A nest has been built in the Robin box (labelled back).
10th April 2015 Nest building has started in one Blue Tit box (side), and a 2nd Blue Tit box has been cleared out. However, no further activity in the Robin box.
28th April 2015 6 eggs in the blue tit box, and a bird sitting on them. Robin box appears unused.
11th May 2015 Eggs hatched. yeah :-)
15th May 2015 Looks like 5 chicks in the Blue Tit box and nest building activity has restarted in the Robin box (back).
18th May 2015 Egg appeared in the Robin box. (4 eggs by 22nd)
30th May 2015 3 Blue Tits chicks flown box, 2 left. Robin still sitting on 4 eggs.
4th June 2015 Robin chicks hatching.

2015 box photos - click to enlarge
. . . . . . . . . . .

Early April 2014 Nest building has started in 2 boxes, about 4 weeks earlier than last year.
20th April 2014 One box appears abandoned, but 8 eggs in side box and bird sitting most of the time.
3rd May 2014 8 eggs hatched, 8 chicks still alive one week on.
19th May 2014 a couple of pics of parent birds.
20th May 2014 8 chicks still alive, getting crowded.
22nd May 2014 chicks leaving, three left by mid afternoon.

. . . . . . .

26th May 2013 Eggs hatching, looks like there are 6 live chicks.
12th May 2013 8 eggs, and parent appears to be sitting most of the time.
24th April 2013 Curiously, over about 4 days the birds removed the old nest and have built a new one.

2nd June 2012 Four remaining chick fledged and next box now empty. They left one at a time, over a period of about an hour.

. . . . . .

25th May 2012 Fitted a metal plate to side box, and so far this has kept the woodpecker at bay.
Also cleaned out the back box (nasty job) and fitted a metal plate to that for next year.
So far, 4 healthy chicks in side box.

. .
11th May 2012 We have hatching in side box, but worryingly am hearing woodpecker noises. I think she may have found the second box.


7th May 2012 4 hours later, nest completely wrecked (despite us trying to frighten the woodpecker)

7th May 2012 back box being attached by female greater spotted woodpecker - not looking good

. . . . .

3rd May 2012 Hatching in back box today, still not sure if birds in side box are blue tits or coal tits
24th April 2012 Eggs in both boxes now.
20th April 2012 Birds started sitting on the 8 eggs in the back box.
13th April 2012 Birds spotted in both tit boxes, and egg count in the back box up to 8.

. . . .

8th April, spotted an egg in the back box (but this has since disappeared) and it looks like nest building has started in the side box.
Feb 2012 , as we've moved house, two new boxes had to be built and "camera'd"
within 24 hours, a pair of blue tits were inspecting BOTH the new boxes.
One is on the west wall, and one on the north wall - we will see.

18th April 2011, first two eggs laid, more following. 24th, 11 eggs, 6th May - hatched :-)
18th 22nd 24th 6th May
10th May 2011, Hungry! 20th - about 6 chicks flown, a couple of deceased ones left in the box.
10th . . 20th

April 2011, lots of blue tit activity in box 2, expecting eggs soon.

October 2010, one bird sleeping in the left box.

1st June 2010, 8 chicks successfully flew the nest, the box is now empty.

21st May 2010, Have seen 8 chicks alive, and starting to grow feathers and open eyes. 24th, still 8 alive. Also a couple of outside shots.
20th 24th 24th 24th

11th May 2010, 1600hrs hatching has started. We think there are 7 chicks (highlighted in latest picture below) as of 18th May.
11th 11th 11th 12th 16th 18th

30th April 2010, bird seems to be sitting more now, so perhaps hatching will be around 8th/10th May

22nd April 2010, first egg appeared, then more. We think the final total is ten
22nd 26th 29th 6th

2nd April 2010, nest building has started in box 2
2nd . 2nd . 10th

March 2010, both box cams now live again - have seen birds in boxes, but no nest building as yet !

30th March 2009, a pair of Great Tits started building in box 2.
Within 4 days, the floor of the box was covered.
April 20th, bird sitting (most of the time) on 10 eggs.
April 29th, Hatching has started.
May 11th, We think we are down to 6 chicks, perhaps seven, but the survivors
are getting loads of feathers and growing rapidly.
May 17th, Just 5 chicks now, but the survivors still growing rapidly.
May 23rd, 3 chicks survived, and today have left the nest - which is now empty.

Below are stills (from 2008) of the box, the camera, the eggs and the birds.

Pictures of birds entering,leaving the box (click to enlarge)