1978 This is the car I learnt in.. a Wolseley 1660

1978 KPW269P - a Hillman Avenger Estate

1980 KOB156, a 1955 VW beetle 1100cc (Austrailia)

1980 UPB987M Morris Marina Estate 1800cc

1981 NYM915L MkI Transit 2000cc V4

1982 First home made trailer

1984 FJM8V Morris Ital estate 1700cc

1986 OLM858P MkI Transit, 1600cc, here being changed to 2 Litre

1987 Audi 100 2200cc V5

1988 CYO735V MkII Transit 2L and 1996 C413NJH, also a MkII Transit 2L

1988 KPR987W BMW728i

1992 B69YPP 1100cc Metro Vanden Plus

1995 M26GPG Peugeot 106 1400cc diesel

1996 MAT5, home made, 8mph, electric and a 2nd home made trailer !

1995 F71JCD, BMW 520i

2002 Vauxhaul Astra Estate 1600cc, 2000 Peugeot 206 1900cc diesel (and brand new!)

2003 Grandpa's car comes to stay for a while ! (Merc E200 estate)

2006 Inherited Grandads car (Astra 1.6 16v R reg) with 20k miles on the clock

2006 Replaced the Astra estate car with a 2000 Range Rover diesel 2.5 (whoops!)

2007 Now, can we convert this trailer to carry the disco....
(sold it a year later, for 10 more than the purchase price!)

2010 Matiz, YT06ZPR, with a 3 cylinder 800cc engine...group one insurance for Matthew - - "it's a very short car...."

October 2010, Toyota Avensis estate, FN09 WBZ to replace the Rangy

September 2013 Peugeot 207 SW, KP57LLV, with a 4 cylinder 1.4l engine...something a little bigger for Matthew -

July 2017 Nissan Leaf Tekna, LP15VRU - we've gone electric !

February 2018 new drive !

February 2018 brand new Leaf 2.0 D4JFD is back on the road...

September 2019 upgraded the Avensis to a Mazda 6, RF68 VMC
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