John Dickenson frontpage frame The Dickenson Family
Dad: John Francis Paul Dickenson .
Mum: Nikki Valentine Dickenson .
Son: Matthew Francis Richard Dickenson .
John's Dad: Francis Morrell Dickenson . 1919 - 2006 Tribute
John's Mum: Yvonne Marie Dickenson . 1921 - 1991
John's Uncle: Ken Hyde Dickenson 1922 - 2017 Tribute
Nikki's Dad: Nat Temple. 1913 - 2008 Tribute
Nikki's Mum: Freda Temple 1921 - 2005
Nikki's Sisters: Lynda ; Susan ; Stephen, Mandy and Ben; (born Nov 2004).

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Our current working lives: -

John is permanently (but part time) employed as a broadcast engineer at HawkEye Innovations (part of Sony).
Nikki is an independent consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan, now called the 1:1 Diet.
Matthew left Hawkeye in March 20, and is now working as 'Supply Chain and Finance Executive', at Perkier Foods, in Burnham.

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September 2020
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