Friday, 17 May 2002


Dear All,

Firstly, my apologies for a letter out of the blue. It is a scary fact that in a couple of years it will be 25 years since we all left school. I have this crazy idea (well my wife says itís crazy) that I will try to get the double mathmaticians of '79 back together for the hell of it (with the sad exception of Richard of course), and to that end, I am sending you and everyone else this letter. The reunion might be a thoroughly enjoyable evening, it could also be a complete disaster, but at the very least it would be an interesting experience and I think it's worth a go. As far as I am aware, everyone is in the UK, and generally in the south east except Andy Mould. I am sending this out 2 years early as Andy is in San Francisco, and I am hoping that given enough notice, he might be able to make it over.

Do you have any thoughts on this matter ? Obviously many questions arise, such as with or without partners?, with or without children?, and where?, and when ?;. if you are interested, and have any views, preferences or comments, please do let me know (even if you are strongly against the idea, please let me know and itíll stop me sending any further letters!). As a provisional date, I am going to suggest Saturday July 24th, 2004.

Secondly, can you name everyone in this photo ?

James Mallinson, Henry Somerset, Richard Greest (61-98)

Charlie Graham, Alastair Pim, Nick Jeffery, Andy Mould

Geoff Parks, Ian Yorston, Jonathan Till, Nic Neeve




"Thus have you heard our cause and known our means;

And, my most noble friends, I pray you all,

Speak plainly your opinions of our hopes:

And first, what say you to it?"

Archbishop of York, King Henry the Fourth, part II




Email: john@dickenson.com or jdickenson@ndsuk.com

Website: www.jfpd.co.uk (I know, very sad, I need to get out more)


I am, and shall remain, etc.,etc.,



John FP Dickenson.