Simons Walk, Old Pictures
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Simons Walk Project 2007

Floor plans: (approx 2100 sq.ft.)

September 30th - agents (APW of Sunninghill) photos.

September 26th - new driveway, nearly, and kitchen finished, nearly.

September 20th - old driveway gone, lights, and granite.

September 10th - wooden floors downstairs, more kitchen progress, and fences.

September 1st - light pipe installed.

August 24th - final windows, stairs, bathrooms and kitchen cabinets.

August 14th - stairs, handles, and even a roof.

August 12th - tiles, power and serious plumbing.

August 5th - and more plastering, and tiles and blinds and doors etc.

July 30th - more plastering, and shirting etc.

July 20th - patios, plastering, paths, baths and drains

July 10th - Kitchen wall gone, new windows arriving

June 9th - Scaffolding is taken down

May 31st

May 30th, work inside starts

May 28th, main roof structure appears

May 21st, walls up, roof next

May 14th, walls nearly up to the roof

May 6th, first floor joists in place

May 3rd, walls almost up to first floor level

April 28th, walls going up

April 21st, another 10 tons of concrete, up to damp course.

April 19th, drains done, electrical conduits laid, hardcore going in

April 15th, 2007 - concrete poured and drains going in

April 11th, 2007 - foundations and soakaway dug

April 5th, 2007

March 2007 - before....